Violet Class News

Violet 1 and 2

After a well-earned break, the children got straight back into the swing of things, starting new topics in Geography and Science. We made some fantastic posters and fact files on European countries and learnt all about the properties of certain materials. Division has been our main focus in Maths this week. Everyone has worked incredibly hard using the formal written method, along with a range of mental strategies. Remember, the better you know your times tables the better you’ll be at division! At All Saints Day Mass on Thursday, both classes were reverent and respectful in church with a selection of our children doing us proud by reading the bidding prayers and altar serving. Violet 1 and 2 both have a forest school session next Friday, which we are all thoroughly looking forward to.

We will, we will rock you!! We will, we will rock you!!

Yes! Violet 3 has certainly rocked this first week back! The week began with an investigation to find out what happens when we combine the colours of the spectrum. We created a circuit with a motor to make a colour wheel spin, can you explain what we observed? The Poet Society conducted a whole day workshop with us on Tuesday, we all composed poems around the theme of light. In Maths, we have begun to look at equivalent fractions and simplifying fractions. We went to church on Thursday to celebrate All Saints day and Friday saw us all dressed as our favourite fictional character. Next week, we are looking forward to meeting the author Amy Wilson.