Blue Class News

Today has been a fun filled, colourful day and a fitting end to our Read-a-thon. The children looked magnificent and really enjoyed sharing their favourite book characters with the class.

Yesterday Key Stage 2 celebrated All Saints' Day Mass along with the pupils from St. Edwards School. The children prayed reverently and listened beautifully throughout.

In English this week, we have had much fun delving into the world of fables. The children have listened to a variety of stories, trying to guess the correct moral. We have taken a closer look at The Wolf and the Lamb, as well as The Tortoise and the Hare and have started to create our own versions. Next week we will look at the Tortoise and Hare rematch!

In other lessons this week we have: added 3-digit numbers and solved related 'real life' problems, written diary entries after travelling back in time to the Iron Age, discussed story settings in Guided Reading and written about our half term breaks.

Wishing you all a lovely weekend!