Blue Class News

This week we have focused on measurement and problem solving in Maths. The children have been practising converting different distances between centimetres and millimetres and the decimal equivalents. We also estimated and converted our standing jump distances with coach Andrew! During lessons on problem solving, we have been learning the importance of logic and being methodical in our calculations. We have also discussed how we must double check our answers once we think we have found a solution.

In Religious Education, the Blue classes have been studying Judaism. For homework the children chose to either find facts about the design and layout of a synagogue or the Torah and created a class file. In class, we researched important symbols and the role of the Ten Commandments, both Judaism and our religion.

Based on readings from Aubrey Brown's book, the children took their recently written fables after reading the Tortoise and the Hare and declared a rematch. The children did a great job of creating new settings and even new characters due to retirement, as well as presenting them to the class.

Wishing you all a restful weekend.