Pink Class News

Dear Parents/Carers,

There have been many educational and pleasant events for the children this half term, from “Poet Idol” to visiting Paddington REC and exploring the “Secret Garden”. After the long summer break the children have worked hard to settle into the rules and routines of Key Stage 1 and life at St. Joseph’s. Thank you for attending the “Parent Consultation” meetings this week. It was an opportunity for us to meet you in person and share your child’s progress with you.

Next half term in English we will be focusing on non-fiction in the first two weeks. In Mathematics, we will be developing our understanding of multiplication (e.g. doubles) and division (e.g. halving). In Religious Education, we will be linking our new “Belonging” topic to Baptism.

Thank you for your continued support and wishing you and your family a relaxing and well deserved rest.