Nursery News

As we head into Week 7, it's time to reflect on the past few weeks, and celebrate the children's ability to settle into a new Nursery,new routines and activities. The children are now well settled and fully engaged into the Early Years programme .

They are enjoying their music and PE sessions and coping well with all the different transitions to other areas of school. They are 'Super stars'.

Its wonderful to hear so many of them singing many of our new songs and playing circle games with their peers in the playground. This week we have introduced some new games and action songs.

We have started doing specific listening activities with musical instruments and environmental sounds as an introduction to our phonics programme.

This week we have spoken about 'My senses' and what we use them for. we have also focused on counting to 10 and beginning to recognise numbers and name them. The children have enjoyed playing number games like '10 Green Bottles' and 'How many Balloons'

Please remember to help your child to write a prayer for Mary and bring in a Baptism photo. Thank you.

We look forward to sharing a wonderful evening with you a tour Harvest Supper. Have a great weekend.