Violet Class News

Wow! It’s been an eventful week for Violet 1 & 2. The entire school was amazed and impressed by Violet 1’s performance in their class Assembly on Thursday morning. They shared their learning with us on West African Folk Tales.

As well as busily preparing for their assembly, Violet 1 has been solving formal and complex multiplication problems in Maths and in English they began their research on Charles Dickens, who is their new class author. Well done Violet 1 for working so hard this week!

Violet 2 has continued the working hard trend and in Maths they have been busily solving and finding the nth term using algebra formulas. It’s time to say goodbye to our class book The Unforgotten Coat and move on to our next author David Almond. The children wrote book reviews to end the topic. On Wednesday afternoon, the whole class enjoyed blindfolding each other and trying different foods, which the Mayans would have eaten.

Next week we are looking forward to Violet 2’s class assembly on Thursday morning.  

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