Nursery News

The Nursery class has been very busy this week. Our current focus has been of high interest for the children The 'fire station' in our quiet room has been buzzing with firefighters role play. Take a second to look at the wonderful display of their fire trucks and thoughts on how firefighters help us!

We have had many exciting activities over the week to help the children consolidate their knowledge on how people help us in our community.

This week has been Maths Puzzle Week throughout the school. We have a wonderful selection of large floor puzzles which the children have enjoyed working together on. It was exciting to see them working as a team to complete the puzzles and to see the joy they displayed at their successes. We also played 'Snakes and Hoses' each day. For many they hadn't played a board game before and the introduction of a dice was an interesting observation for us. If you have any large floor puzzles you no longer want we would welcome them warmly. Thank you.

Phonics Play - This week we experienced and developed an awareness of sound made with instruments and music. The children played games where they had to listen and identify the instrument making the sound, associating the sounds that different animals make and matching instrument sounds to the animals and using instruments and scarves in different ways to tell one of our favourite stories 'The Gruffolo'.

Next week we are moving onto how Doctors and Nurses help us. We  have one of our parents coming in to talk to the children on Wednesday.

Thank you to our parent helpers that have been in to read and bake with the children. This is an important part of our programme and the children enjoy you coming in. There are still some spaces available so sign up.

Enjoy your weekend,
The Nursery Team