Reception News

We have been very busy this first full week back in Reception! We have started with new digraphs in phonics: 'ay' as in play, 'ee' as in see, 'oo' as in zoo, and 'nk' as in think. We will continue to review all other sounds throughout the term. As we make the transittion into more independent reading this term, please do review sounds with your child at home. We've attached the link for phonics play, a great resource for phonics games at home!

In mathematics we have continued working on addition and have begun looking at measurement. Please do contiue to review numbers at home with your child; the more comfortable they are with numbers and counting, the easier it will be for them to apply more difficult concepts.

We have had lots of visitors this week to start of our people who help us topic! On Wednesday we had Drama4all come in to do a space themed workshop with us. The children were fatastic participants and we imagined what it would be like to float on the moon! On Thursday, Paddington Fire Station came to school. We had some really good questions for them, and we learned all about what it is like to be a firefighter! We are looking forward to our visitors next week! As on the website, If you have a skill or profession you would like to share do come forward as we would love to have you share in the classroom.