Head's Newsletter

Dear Pupils, Parent, Staff, and Governors,

We are now well into the Spring Term and the children have settled back into school routines very quickly.  After walking around all of the classrooms yesterday, I was delighted to see the work and the effort that the staff and children have been making to create stimulating, inviting and interesting learning environments.  There is a wonderful selection of children's work on show which together with visually stimulating or tactile displays, combine to create an engaging and enriching learning space.

Next week, we are very pleased to be celebrating all things mathematical with our annual Maths Week.  The children will be working with the Puzzle Company to solve problems and think strategically.

This week in school the children have been thinking about the British value of ‘The Rule of Law’ and discussing why rules are important and necessary and what responsibilities come with being a law maker and a law abider!

Our next Parent Partnership meeting will be on Wednesday 24th January at 9am and we will be discussing the new Behaviour Policy that staff have been working on over the last couple of months. The emphasis of the new policy is to reward and model good behaviour and to follow the teachings of Jesus and be guided by the school Mission Statement.  All are welcome to attend.

If you are worried about a child from a Safeguarding point of view, please remember that the schools Safeguarding Designated Lead is Mrs Husain and that the deputy Safeguarding Designated Lead is Mrs Viana.  We are always available to speak to you, or to the children, about any concerns that you may have regarding a child.

Year 6 had a very useful and informative visit to the Transport Museum on Tuesday as part of the Junior Citizen programme.  This helps the year 6 children prepare for their next stage of education and gives then the opportunity to think about different scenarios that they may find themselves in while travelling to and from school and in new situations.

Mrs K Husain
Head teacher



Monday 15th
Maths week begins

Wednesday 17th
Sportshall Athletics 10 – 2pm Jubilee Sports centre (Y5/Y6 teams)

Friday 19th
School nurse visiting Rec – Hand Hygiene workshop

Monday 22nd
Weight checks Reception (Nurse)

Wednesday 24th
Parent Partnership meeting 9am- hall
Sportshall Athletics 10 – 2pm Jubilee Sports centre (Y3/Y4 teams)


Rec B1 - Adam
Rec B2 - James
Pink 1 - Kina
Pink 2 - Lukas
Pink 3 - Eva
Blue 1 - Raffa
Blue 2 - Roman
Blue 3 - Michael
Violet 1 - Nina
Violet 2 - Noa

Writer of the Week

Rec B1 - Chloe
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