Nursery News

A Warm Welcome to all our new children and their families.

he week began with welcoming all our new children through 3 playgroup sessions on Monday. It was wonderful to see everyone again.

Our week has been very busy for the new children as they have established trusting relationships with their teachers, explored a new environment , been introduced to new routines, like snack times and played alongside their peers.

We are already focusing on our current topic - My World - All About Me. The children have been drawing and painting self portraits which are proudly displayed in the Nursery. Our family photo wall is beginning to take shape and isanimportant learningtool for settling the children and linking home to school. The children have taken ownership of their family collages and displaying pride in their family, eager to share family events and who is in their family.

We look forward to welcoming more new children on Monday.

Have a wonderful weekend.