Nursery News

What a busy and exciting time it has been in nursery this week. All the children are actively engaged in our programme and developing the skills to be independent learners. They are extensively exploring the different areas, playing alongside their friends and developing reciprocal relationships. This week we have been having discussions about our bodies - what the different parts are called and how they can use different parts of their body. We have watched on Discovery Expresso video clips about how we have changed since we were babies. We introduces new songs and games and all really enjoyed doing the 'Hokey Tokey' We measured ourselves and made a height chart in our Maths area.

We started baking this week and made cheese cookies. Each week a different group of children will have a turn. What fun they had making and tasting these. We thoroughly enjoyed collecting, making and wearing our Autumn necklaces for the Poetry Idol. What super stars the children were. This was their first time attending assembly and they sang beautifully. How proud the teaching team were.

Thank you to the big turn out of parents for our curriculum meeting. It was much appreciated. We hope you took pleasure in seeing the wonderful work your children have already done this term.

Please remember to get your tickets for our Harvest Supper.

Have a wonderful weekend
The Nursery Team