Nursery News

All the children have now started in nursery and we are very happy at how will they haveadjusted to a new environment and if needing comfort are feeling comfortable to come to one of the teaching team. We are very proud of them. In nursery we like to say 'we are super stars'  This affirmation brings a smile to all their faces when we chant it very loud.

The children have worked hard at coping withthe transitionsof our daily timetable. For some leaving the environment to other areas of the school can be very hard. On Wednesday they have been going into the hall for music and movementand on Fridayshave PE with Coach Grant.

This week we have talked about our homes and who lives there. We have observed the children role playing in the family area and with the 'small world' activities. The children have painted their house and these are displayed on our walls.

ext week we will be discussing 'Me, my body. I can' We would like to extend an invitation to anyone with a baby who would feel comfortable and happy to bath their baby at Nursery. This is a very popular activity. We will be looking at our tall we are and making a height chart, and discussing the parts of our body and how we can move our body in different ways.

Have an enjoyable weekend with your family.

See you all Monday.