Pink 1 News

I has been a fantastic week in Pink 1. All of our mathematicians were busy making tens and ones and counting in twos. We have been so impressed with all of the work which they produced.
In English, our focus this week has been our book,  'Going Shopping'. We were all busy writing a shopping list and working on speech bubbles. Pink One also worked hard to produce wonderful story maps and read these aloud to the class.
In R.E. we discussed beginnings and the children shared their favourite beginnings from their time so far in Pink One. It has been such a positive experience for the children and teachers so far.
The children all visited the 'Life Bus' this week. Year 2 even completed an online questionnaire about their session. It was lovely to spend time with 'Harold the Giraffe'. He was Pink One's favourite once again.
Finally, Pink 1, 2 and 3 are all looking forward to our KS1 Food Feast. We have been learning about the continents so it will be a real treat to sample food from different regions of the world. We look forward to it on Monday afternoon.
Have a lovely weekend.
Pink 1 Team