Year 3 News

Year 3 really did themselves proud in their Communion Mass this afternoon. They looked the part and have shown just how much they have matured over the past year. It was also lovely to have so many family members attend and share a great afternoon tea to round off the afternoon.

On Wednesday we were inundated with a plethora of Roman Projects. It is evident that the children most enjoyed this task and couldn't wait to share them with the class. We had everything from aqua ducts to sculpted coliseums. Well done, Year 3! In class work we looked at Roman numerals and some of us were even able to write famous dates in History such as The Great Fire of London.

Middlesex Cricket Club made for a fun afternoon on Tuesday. The children enjoyed an hour of multi skills and a mini match. It's now time for a well-earned weekend and very hard to believe that there's only two weeks to go. We look forward to seeing you all on Thursday for the annual Sports day.