Year 3 News

Usually as we write this post the week is all but over. But as they say, the night is young. Year 3 has been full of anticipation today for tonight's sleepover. It is a fitting end to a great week. We have launched two new topics; the Romans and Plants which have lead to some great class discussions.

In English we have been looking at adventure stories and experimenting with 'showing not telling' in our writing. Although it has been a challenge, we are grasping the art of using body language in our writing. Secret potions got us thinking in Maths and the importance of ratios to get things just right. We also took the time to reflect on the poignant message provided by the most loved bible story of the Prodigal Son.

Over the next couple of months we look forward to the competitive green fingers being brought out in us all. Get planting those sunflower seeds year 3 and see if you can beat your teachers (as we are very competitive!!) Finally, wishing all our parents a relaxing Friday evening! See you 8am Saturday.

Merits- Lorenzo and Stella
Star writer- Chloe