Nursery News

elcome back from half term break. The children are very busy and working hard at being self motivated learners.

The caterpillars have finally arrived and we are monitoring these closely each day to see if we notice any changes. We were pleased to observe our sunflowers are starting to sprout. We are singing to them and watering them every morning.

The block construction area is still producing incredible structures. Some so tall that the tallest children are having to stand on their tip toes to place more blocks on top. We introduced tape measures so we could see how tall some of these were. From there the children took the learning to measuring each others height, their heads, the tables and so on. The Nursery was a buzz of excitement, with numbers and estimations flying around everywhere. A very exciting child led activity to observe. We would like to introduce plans to the children and request if you have any house , loftor renovation plans that the children could look at and for us to have discussions about please bring them in. Thank you.

In RE we are talking about making friends and being friends . This week the children have drawn their friends and we have displayed them on our 'Friends' wall.

The children have started their transition visits to Reception and will continue in whole and small groups for the remainder of the term. This will allow the children to become familiar with how a day looks inReception, and be ready for a smooth and settled start in the new school year.
We wish you all a wonderful weekend.