Nursery News

The children have been happily engaged with their friends, extensively exploring all areas of the environment. It is wonderful to see the established friendships and the joy they have being together. We have been talking a lot about what makes a good friend, and how it makes us feel having friends. A highlight and great success was the making of their friendship bracelets. Was exciting for the staff to see the children wear them back to school and proudly show each other.

The block construction continues to blow us away at the complexity of the children's building and teamwork, and celebrate their successes with praise and encouragement to extend their skills.

We have made the quiet room into a hairdressers and as you can imagine is very popular. The dolls and my little ponies have had creative hairstyles and make overs. The children have displayed how confident they have become storytelling with happily engaging in puppet shows. We have attended many shows.

Afew reminders :  Tomorrow is our Summer Fair. We look forward to seeing you there.
Please bring school hats everyday as often the sun comes out later in the day. We are collecting old necklaces and bracelets for our role-play.
We wish you all a wonderful weekend.