Nursery News

We have had a full and fantastic start to the summer term, introducing our new topic'Living Things' to our children. This week we have focused on the butterfly life cycle. The children have grasped a new understanding of what happens after the   butterfly lays her eggs on a leaf. Through this study of the caterpillar they have also been introduced to new language - for examplea very big and interesting word 'metamorphosis'. We have been actively consolidating this learning through many art activities, music, maths, literacy, role play and watching clips on you-tube of butterflies emerging from their chrysalis.

Next week we are excitingly expecting the arrival of our live eggs. We had a visit this week from 'Perform' drama. They took the children for a drama workshop where all the children werehappily engaged and interactive. The theme was the Wild West and throughout the workshop the children took part in a variety of activities and it was exciting to see them all having fun and confidently take part in the singing, dancing and drama.

We have been introducing some new circle games that have been looking at colours and shapes in a fun way, and also using these games to look around our Nursery environment and make these connections. For example the shapes of our windows, doors, tables, clock, etc.

We hope you have a restful weekend and look forward to next week and the arrival of our live eggs.