Nursery News

Cheep, Cheep, Cheep

Another fantastic week in Nursery.

We continued to be excited with the chicks being in the Nursery. The children have observed how much bigger they have grown over the week in particular their wings. They have been very playful and starting to be able to fly, making each morning at circle time very interesting. Some of the children were a little more wary of being near them when they were so active. The children have been very gentle in handling the chicks. Having the chicks has been very successful. Sadly we said good-bye to them Friday, as they headed back to the farm.

We have enjoyed learning more about plants and growing, consolidating our knowledge gained earlier in the year. We will continue to watch our sunflowers grow, planting them in our Nursery garden once they have established as seedlings. We have also planted water cress caterpillars and mustard seeds in cotton wool.

With the warmer weather the children have loved being outdoors and having water play once again. We introduced some large group games like snakes and ladders and ball skills.

Next week we will continue our outdoor planting in the Nursery garden and look at mini beasts.

We wish you a happy and relaxing weekend.