Nursery News

We said Good Bye and Hello.

On Monday we bid Mia and her family farewell and wished them all the best in their new home. Later that day we welcomed our 10 live eggs and set them up in their incubatorin our quiet area. The excitement then started to build to a crescendo. The children arrived Tuesday expecting to see chicks. We talked about how they take 21 days till they hatch and they had arrived on the 19th day. We watched a you tube clip of a chick hatching and then we all predicted what number egg would hatch first and on what day.

Wednesday saw the beginning of the eggs hatching with Angela and Hector correctly predicting number 1 and number 10. Luckily the children got to watch three more eggs hatch during the day. On arrival on Thursday the children were surprised to see all the eggs had now hatched. At carpet time the children got to hold and gently pat the chicks and water and feed them in their new home.

The children have enjoyed many visitors over the week - with the older children coming to meet and hold the baby chicks. It has been a very exciting week and the children have enjoyed the hands on learning of a chicks life cycle. Our block construction area is continuing to be a major focus for many of the children and are building with a real purpose and experiencing joy at the completion of their building, eagerly sharing their work with others.
Next week we are going to look at planting and gardening.

The days are getting warmer and the children are now needing to wear their school sunhats, and we ask that you sunblock your children before arriving to school. Thank you.

We wish you all a happy and restful weekend.