Year 1 News

Our first week back has been a busy one. 1R went to the library and Mrs Aviles was kind enough to read us a story while we were there. 
In RE we have been thinking about the special meal, the Last Supper, Jesus had with his apostles and why this is important to us today. 
We have enjoyed English this week as we have been focusing on instructions. We now know what an imperative 'bossy' verb is. We have been able to give verbal instructions to our partners, read and follow instructions to make a paper aeroplane ands fortune teller. Finally, we made a magic potion using a variety of ingredients and then we wrote the instructions for our potion. 
In maths we have been concentrating on turns - both clockwise and anti-clockwise. We spent a long time making turns with our partners so that we could remember which direction to turn in and how far to turn. 
Please remember that it is 1R's assembly on Thursday. We hope you can all come!
Have a fabulous weekend. 
The Year 1 Team