Nursery News

We have ended the half term on a high note. What a busy term it has been. All the children have enjoyed our focus 'People Who Help Us' and have embraced and explored all the activities we have done.

Next term we will be looking at 'Fairy Tales'.

This week we  further consolidated our focus on measurement by baking gingerbread men and 'talking' about and labeling different types of measurement. Another popular activity was measuring with pasta and scoops.
We had a visit from the librarian who read us some exciting stories and left us a new selection of books to enjoy. Our story 'The Gruffolo' was was a popular choice on our story table. Many more children are venturing to this table and actively retelling their favourite stories.

It has been very exciting to observe how the children are playing collaboratively in small groups, extending and elaborating their play ideas and forming good relationships with each other. Especially evident in construction, large floor puzzles and role play.

I would like to take the opportunity to thank you all for your support and feedback during the term and from the Nursery team wish you a happy and safe half term break.