Head's Newsletter

Dear children, parents, staff and governors,

We have reached the end of this half term and I wish you all an enjoyable holiday over the next week.  

St Joseph’s Auction: 18th March 2017

At the St Joseph’s School Association meeting on Tuesday evening, I was reminded that the Auction is fast approaching and we need to start thinking about how each one of us can support the committee members with this.  If you are new to the school like me, you will have heard that this is one of the major events for parents and staff  in the school year.  The money raised by the auction makes a vital contribution to the maintenance of the school and helps to provide resources such as ipads, lap tops, sports equipment, books etc. Last year the auction raised just over £80,000.   In the year ahead this income will become even more vital to our school, as school budgets in London are being cut drastically by the new funding formula.   Below I have listed some background information about the auction and how you can help to make it a success this year.

Auction of Promises

The Auction Promises are a way of using your skills/contacts to help others and raise money for the school.  For instance, your promise might be to make a Christening cake to the value of £??  And the highest bider wins your offer. It could also be something as simple as baby sitting for an evening or if you have a business such as a restaurant , a meal for two.  Please do start thinking of what you could promise and  enter the details of your promise on the relevant form at www.thejbay.com .  If your entry is successful, a jbay reference number will be generated; please enter it on the attached form and hand this into the school office.

The Small Business Team

This team approaches businesses, e.g. Sports/Leisure companies, in the area to ask for sponsorship or products that we can auction.  This is a really essential part of  the auction and if any parents have any contacts that they can approach or are just willing to phone around and visit local businesses we would be very grateful for your help. WE NEED AT LEAST 4 MORE PARENTS TO SUPPORT THIS TEAM.   Please contact Ms. Chelsea Bottomley (child in year 1) or Mrs. Regina Boets (children in yr 2 and 3) or your Class Volunteer Co-ordinator  and they will give you more details.

Silent Auction

A parent has very kindly volunteered to take photos of the items.  These photos will be on the website so that people can view them and put bids on but there will also be Silent Auction Preview sessions on Weds 15th March at 9am – 9.30am/ Thursday 16th March at 3pm – 4pm/ Friday 17th March at 9am – 9.30am .  Your help is needed to label all the items to help out on the Pre-view days.

The teachers also make promises for instance in year 2 Mrs. Viana might promises to take 6 children to the Ice Cream Parlour in Fortnum and Masons. Parents would then put in their bids and the highest bidder would see their child and five others go on this trip.  The rest of the money raised from the bid would go into the St. Joseph’s School Association  accounts to benefit all children with other outings, resources throughout the year.  The school will also put up promises of  ‘top table dining’ ‘front row seats at Christmas concerts’ ‘parking space for a year’.  These have been very highly sought after promises in the past.

There may well be other work that needs to be done in preparation for this big event and I would ask as many  parents as possible to come to the next SJSA meeting which will be on Tuesday 7th March  at 6.30pm, as this will be the final planning meeting before the auction.

With kind regards,

Mrs. V Richardson
Interim Head Teacher

Dates for your Diary


Monday 20th
Term begins (gates open 8:40am)

Tuesday 21st
School photographer – individual photos
Swimming Gala Years 4,5,6 @ Queen Mother Sports Centre - parents welcome

Monday 27th 
World Book Week 


Friday 3rd
World book day assembly.

Tuesday 7th
Participation Football Years 3 and 4 @ Paddington Rec 

Wednesday 8th
Parent Consultations 2:30pm – 6pm

Thursday 9th
Parent Consultations 2:30pm – 6pm

Monday 13th
Year 5 residential trip to Sayers Croft
Year 1 visiting Toy Museum

Tuesday 14th
Basketball teams from Y5 Y6 @ Little Venice

Wednesday 15th
Year 5 return

Saturday 18th
Auction of Promises

Monday 20th
Science week

Friday 24th
Y3-Y6 Science Blast show @ Cockpit Theatre

Friday 31st
Year 4 British Museum