Nursery News

We continue to get ready for Christmas. Another busy week making our advent wreath, decorations, presents and cards for our families and exploring our Christmas stations throughout the Nursery.

It is very exciting as we begin each morning  looking at our advent calender, unwrap our daily Christmas story and look to see where 'Buddy' the elf has hidden next.
We have been learning some new circle songs that encourage group and co-operative play . This week the children were able to follow the instructions and enjoy 'Skip into the middle'. a song about choosing a partner and following actions together.

A big thank you to the lovely gift of a large scrunchie from two of our parents. We will introduce this scrunchie as another form of encouraging the children to work together.
Tuesday and Wednesday morning we have our Nativity play. Tuesday is for the older children in the school to view. We would be appreciative if all children are at school on those two days when we open the door at 8.45 to enable us to dress the children in their costumes. Thank you in advance.
Our rosters are up for our parent helpers for the next half term. Many of you are keen, so if you have already parent helped in the classroom, we ask that you allow others to have the opportunity to come in also. Thank You.
Thank you for your consideration and keeping your sick child at home. It enables us to minimize the spread of bugs.
Have a wonderful weekend and we look forward to seeing you at the Nativity Play.

The Nursery Team