Head's Newsletter

Dear Pupils, Parent, Staff, and Governors,

Christmas has come early to St Joseph’s with all year groups practicing their different Christmas performances. So far, they sound amazing and I cannot wait to see the children perform next week.
I received a lovely letter this week from Clifton Nurseries, praising the year 6 children who sang carols at their winter event:

We wanted to pass on our thanks to the School choir, Teachers, Parents and Carers for joining us and adding such a wonderful atmosphere to our Celebration of Christmas evening last week.
We’ve had some lovely feedback from our customers that the choir sung so well and really made the evening special. I do hope that the children enjoyed the event as well. Thank you again and Merry Christmas and Happy New Year from us all at Clifton Nurseries.

On Thursday, Julius, Emma and Rafael from year 6 recited poetry at the lighting up of the Christmas Tree in Trafalgar Square. This was a wonderful event hosted by The Lord Mayor.  The children will appear on Newsround tonight (Friday). They will be signing autographs on Monday!

As you know, as part of the parental survey, we asked you for comments.  Below I have answered the comments that I felt needed a response.  Thank you to all the parents who wrote such lovely, positive things about our school.

Optimising each individual child’s potential could be continuously encouraged.
We try to do this as much as we can. The teachers work exceptionally hard to meet the needs of all of the children in their care.
A wider range of after-school clubs especially music would be great.
We offer as many clubs as we can accommodate and in the Spring we are introducing Fencing and a choir. We will continue to have an orchestra on a Wednesday morning (new day).
It’s difficult to participate or attend school events as they tend to be during working hours.
We try to have school events and meetings at a variety of times to accommodate all parents.
It would be great to have more feedback (more frequent – no need to be extremely detailed) on the progress of my child.
We formally report to parents 3 times a year in line with recommendations from the DfE and unions.  Parents can make an appointment to speak with teachers / SLT at any time.  It is also possible to speak to teachers in the morning and at pick up.
It would be nice to receive merits communications the day before in order to be able to attend assembly.
We will try to do this.
Participating in the competitions is not very fair.
Children are chosen on merit; however we try to give all children the opportunity to participate at some point.
I think there could be more art and drama.
We try to do as much as possible; however, we do have timetable restraints.  All children this year will take part in a production and we have organised an art week for the Spring term (a new imitative)
Communication needs improving.
Currently we communicate via the newsletter, class blogs, regular parent mails, the website , telephone calls, open afternoons, questionnaires, Parent-teacher consultations, assemblies and parent partnership meetings. We have recently re-introduced twitter. I have asked parents for any other ideas.
Not happy with class split.
After the first term of the new class arrangements, I am very happy with the progress being made by all children.  The Leadership Team have conducted 2 formal lesson observations and looked at the Maths and English books of all the children in school. We have also carried out 2 pupil progress meetings where teachers meet with the head, deputy and SENCo to track progress and curriculum coverage. All children are doing very well and are in receipt of high class teaching and learning opportunities. All children have either been on a class trip or have had an educational visit (for example, Freshwater theatre). 

May God bless you and family and keep you safe.
Yours sincerely,

Mrs K Husain
Head teacher



Tuesday 12th
KS2 Christmas Carol Service @ Our Lady’s church 2pm

Wednesday 13th
EYFS Christmas production 9:30am school hall
KS1 (pink) Christmas production 2:30pm school hall

Thursday 14th
School Christmas Dinner (packed lunch welcome to purchase meal- prebook required)
KS1 (pink) Christmas production 6pm school hall

Tuesday 19th
Term ends 1:30pm


Rec B1 - Martha
Rec B2 - Ava
Pink 1 - Kirsten
Pink 2 - Lukas
Pink 3 - Sofia
Blue 1 - Thomas
Blue 2 - Vivian
Blue 3 - Michael
Violet 1 - Cormac
Violet 2 - Lulu

Writer of the Week

Rec B1 - Malena
Rec B2 - James
Pink 1 - Alba
Pink 2 - Giselle
Pink 3 - Maya
Blue 1 - Bernice
Blue 2 - Ines
Blue 3 - N/A
Violet 1 - Riccardo
Violet 2 - Sol