Blue Class News

I'm sure as parents, you'd be most amazed at the excitement shown by your children as they were given two paper cups and a piece of string this week. Further to our Science topic, the children created their own string telephones and set about insulating them. Each child formulated their own hypothesis and then discovered which material was the most effective and why.

In topic work, we looked at the main rivers which run through the United Kingdom. We discussed where the rivers begin and end, and the reasons for this.

This week also saw the re-launch of twitter. It is something that the children most enjoy to contributing to. Please follow us for daily happenings and any important messages.

Lastly, the children are making lovely progress with their Christmas carols. We are most fortunate to have Miss Hudson's piano accompaniments, as well as class lessons during the week. Don't forget to keep practising those words.

Actually, one further thing. If you are able to accompany us to church for the Christmas concert practices and the Advent Mass, please let our parent representatives know.

Thank you.