Reception News

Reception has had a very busy week back! We have learned some new sounds (J, V and W)  and we have been using them with our sight words to write some lovely sentences!

We have sent home some of the guided reading books this week. Please do encourage your child to read the words they know and use the pictures to understand the words they cannot sound out.

Thank you again for all the parents who came in this week to celebrate the readathon with us. Friday was a particularly fun day, all the children were dressed as very recognisable book characters!
We have also began learning the songs for our Christmas Nativity. Please ask your child about them as I'm sure they would love to share and sing them for you!
We recommended to many of you at the parents evening some resources that we use in class. Top marks is a free website, that is particularly helpful for math resources. We have also sent the username and password to Education city through parent mail, please use resources for mathematics or literacy under the EYFS-F2 category.
Have a wonderful and restful weekend!