Blue Class News

Today was definitely a sight for sore eyes! We had Paddington Bear charging towards Fantastic Mr Fox wielding an Anglo-Saxon shield, and Dorothy adjusting to village life as a tanner. The Blue classes were captivated by our 'warrior' who paid us a visit today. Weapons were on display, we re-enacted a voyage towards Britain and sampled simple cuisine from typical family.

On Wednesday, we joined St. Edwards, which was a lovely way to pay respect to all of our saints. We were also very proud of the beautifully behaved children we took with us to Our Lady's Church. They completed the service with a hearty rendition of 'When the Saints go marching in.'

Liz Pichon's visit was another highlight, in what was an extremely busy week. The author and illustrator of the Tom Gates Series not only entertained us with extracts from her books, but also led a drawing workshop which the children enjoyed very much.

Next week will be launching two new enrichment programs. On alternate weeks, each year group will participate together in either WOW word Wednesday or Problem Solving Thursday. This will be a great opportunity for the children to challenge their thinking, and apply the skills they have been learning in class.

Have a great weekend!