Violet Class News

The mathematical focus for Violet 1 and Violet 2 this week has been finding percentages of amounts, including different units of measure. To challenge ourselves further we converted different percentages into decimals and fractions. There are some conversions we should know by heart, can your child tell you the fraction and decimal equivalents for 1%, 10%, 25%, 50% and 75%?

For English Violet 1 wrote diary entries from the point of view of the main character from their class book Thief. They used a variety of prepositions throughout their writing and challenged themselves to use fronted prepositions. Can your child explain what a fronted proposition is? Violet 2 has been practising their penmanship skills in creating a descriptive story which links to their class book The Unforgotten Coat.
Overall, a very successful week for both classes, well done!