Nursery News

This week we continue to have robust conversations about colours and light. The children's knowledge is being consolidated with this full immersion of hands on experience. The children have continued to contribute to our nursery displays. It is full of colour and joy.

This weeks discussions were about how colours keep us safe when travelling around London with our families. We read stories, watched videos, sang songs and played a beanbag game representing the traffic lights.

We have introduced some new music and circle games this week which the children are loving. We have also  had lots of feedback from parents, on how the children have been singing the Christmas songs at home. This is wonderful to hear this feedback.

Next week can the children please bring in one photo of a birthday party for our album on the prayer table. We are beginning to talk about birthdays and how we celebrate them.

Next Friday the children can come dressed up as part of our Winter Gala theme. Please bring £2.  We hope to see you at the Gala.

Have a great weekend.