Reception News

This week we have been very busy in reception. We have finished off all of our singular sounds, the final ones being Y, Z and Q. We will be reviewing these before moving onto the next phonics stage.
The children have contributed to many new displays. First we looked at Kandinsky and his concentric circles. We used pastels to  make our own concentric circle pictures. We also made fireworks pictures using the computer when we talked about bonfire night. Please come in to see our new displays!


This week we also discussed Poppy Day. We talked about why we celebrate this day and how its important to remember all the things that people have done for us so we can live in the world we have today. We watched The Poppy story; please do discuss with your child at home.

We have continued learning the songs for our Christmas Nativity. We have really enjoyed hearing the children singing them on their own around the class room and that they are singing them at home! We will be sending home lines in the coming weeks to ensure that the children have lots of time to practice!