Blue Class News

On Monday the whole school celebrated Spirituality Day. We enjoyed our maiden visit to the newly established prayer garden where we said prayers to mark the beginning of the month of Mary. Later in the morning, we had a lovely session of meditation with Mrs Viana and also collaborated on a piece of artwork illustrating the Visitation which now adorns our corridor, lights and all!

On Wednesday, Miss Donnellan ran the first Rosary club for the month. It was pleasing that so many children attended with their own Rosary beads. All are welcome to attend next Wednesday's prayer session.

In Maths this week we looked at time, and the relationship between analogue and digital clocks. This was then taken a step further when the children calculated the running times of different television programs.

Our lessons on the Anglo-Saxons continued, with the children creating their own job advertisements for workers needed to fulfill roles within a village. In Science we looked at how natural and man-made changes to the environment can displace a range of animals. This lead to the children using the iPads to research an endangered animal of their choice, and how we can help in our own way.

Wishing you all a fantastic weekend.