Head's Newsletter

Dear children, parents, staff and governors,

I wish you all a very happy New year.  May I also take this opportunity to thank you all for the kind gifts and cards that you gave to me and the rest of our staff.  It was very thoughtful of you all.  

Children, staff and parents from year 1 – 6  attended Mass today to celebrate the Feast of the Epiphany.  Father Jeff reminded us all that the Christmas season is not yet over and the appearance of Jesus as a baby leads us on to his presentation in the Temple on February 2nd and ultimately to the greatest feast of all, Easter.

It was lovely to see all the children and parents happy and smiling on the first day back after the holidays.  It was very unfortunate that the nursery and reception boiler refused to come back on after the break especially as the weather was exceptionally cold on that day as well.  As a result of this can I just remind Nursery and Reception parents to ensure that  Mrs. Dunphy has your correct contact details (ddunphy@stjosephsschool.org.uk) .  Also to remind you that even if you have older children in the school, the parent mail system requires that each of your children is registered for you to get  individual class mailings.  If you didn’t receive an email from the school informing you of the nursery/reception closure please contact the office to make sure that each of your children are registered with parentmail. 

This is a good time for making new year resolutions and I think we should all make a resolution to try and walk to school (or use public transport) as often as we can.  Last term I noticed that we do cause a lot of traffic hold ups when people bring their children to school by car and park on the zig zag lines or double park and just generally stopping and dropping children off.  My main concern is the safety of the children being dropped off onto the road with other road users eager to get past and veering round the stationary vehicles.  The junction of Randolf Terrace and Sutherland Avenue is very dangerous at any time but seems to be worse  when our children are being brought to and collected from the school.  Please do not park on the zig zag lines or double park as this makes the possibility of an accident happening more likely. 

Also, whilst I am on the subject of arrival and collection times,  could I remind you that school starts at 8.55am and your children should be in school by 8.50am at the latest.  The school gates will be closed at 9am and you will then have to bring the children in via the office and sign the late book.  

Have a lovely Weekend.
Yours sincerely,

Mrs. Richardson

Dates for your Diary:


Monday 9th
Y4 Freshwater Theatre co presents “Vikings”

Tuesday 10th
Y6 Junior Citizenship Scheme

Thursday 12th
Reception class – NCMP weighing and measuring

Monday 16th
Years 3 & 4 Maths workshop for parents - parents welcome

Tuesday 17th
Years 5 & 6 Maths workshop for parents - parents welcome

Wednesday 18th 
Year 5 & 6 (teams) Sportshall Athletics – Jubilee centre 10 – 2pm parents welcome

Friday 20th
Fire Brigade visiting EYFS

Tuesday 24th
Year 3/4 (teams) Sportshall athletics – Jubilee Sports Centre parents welcome

Tuesday 31st January
Year 5/6 (teams) boys football – Paddington Rec parents welcome
Reception trip to Pizza Express Group 1