Year 2 News

Traction Man to meet Fraction Man!

Last Friday we enjoyed investigating our local area, asking questions about different buildings and even beginning to think about the difference between buildings that are 100s of years old or only 10 or 20 years old! In English we have been exploring the Bowels of the Bin and using our descriptive language. We have even been trying to use paragraphs. 

In RE we have explored the Gospels and written about The Boy Jesus in the Temple while, in Maths we have become Subtraction Superstars using 100 squares, dienes and number lines to take away 2 two-digit numbers.  

Finally, we are very excited because next week we will be meeting Fraction Man, (Traction Man's mathematical cousin) during our whole school Fraction Week and in Year 2 we will be learning about 1/2, 1/4 or even 1/3 of different lengths!