Nursery News

It has been another exciting week in Nursery and the children have been working very hard. We continue our topic of People Who Help Us. This week we had a visit by Alessandra's dad wearing his Nurses uniform. He told us what he does to help people who are unwell. Our Doctor's surgery has been very productive, with the children enjoying role-play and learning about how we look after patients who are sick.

Next week we will move onto Firefighters after having had a  visit from the  fire engine and firefighters on Friday. The children are still enjoying exploring measurement with our natural resources and scales. We have been introducing new language - heavy, heaviest, light, lighter and balanced.
Our winter wonderland with ice, polar bears and penguins has been very popular. The children have enjoyed working in pairs and creating 'our world' in their own eyes.

We have been learning about what makes a good listener through the use of musical instruments. Stop, start, loud, soft, fast and slow. It has been a good start to the term with everyone working hard.

Have an enjoyable weekend.