Nursery News

This week in nursery we have been developing our understanding of rhyme and alliteration with the help of the book, 'Kangaroo Cancan Cafe'. We have played some rhyme games including rhyme bingo and have used our listening ears to think of words that start with the same letter sound to create alliteration. We also used the book to create movement to cancan music and Australian music and as a class agreed we like the cancan music the best! In religious education we learnt about how God created our world and we discussed what the wonderful thing in the world was to us. Next week we have our nursery trip now on WEDNESDAY. Please check your emails for updated information. We hope all who are going enjoy the school fair.

Nursery have loved science week! We have learnt about 3D shapes while making rockets and have been learning about simple number problems with aliens! The nursery children enjoyed looking at pictures of astronauts on the moon and pictures of the solar system, we even tried to paint pictures of the solar system. We read ‘Whatever Next’ this week which made us think about what we would like to do on the moon if we went, some children wanted to scoot on the moon and others wanted to dance. The children began their new RE topic this week by looking at CAFOD’s Global A-Z photo pack which helped us to recognise and think about the wonderful things in our World.