Head's Newsletter

A Message from Mrs. Fleming

As term draws to a close there are still many events in school to look forward to. They children are working hard and last week’s Science Week was a great success. Thank you so much to everyone who supported the children at home to make the amazing models and scientific projects. In the next few weeks we will be celebrating the children’s learning in a range of different ways and we are looking forward to meeting you all during the parents’ consultation evenings to talk about your children’s progress and the next steps in their learning.

Another important date that is looming is our annual Summer Fayre. The team has been working hard behind the scenes to ensure that everything runs smoothly on the day and we are very grateful to Mrs Meere, Mrs Bottomley and Miss O’Neil for their attention to detail and positive approach.

It is not too late to volunteer to help – if you are interested please contact Mrs Meere.

I wish you a good week.

Upcoming Events

27th June – 2nd July

Monday 27th June
9:10am Parents’ Partnership Team meeting: e-safety and school safety
Year 4 Metro Bank workshop

Wednesday 29th June
Year 2 trip to Leigh-on-Sea
Year 4 Metro Bank workshop
Year 3 Multi-skills Sports Festival

Thursday 30th June
9:10am: Year 2 Assembly

Friday 1st July
9:10am: Learning Celebration

Saturday 2nd July
Summer Fayre (12 - 4pm)

4th July – 8 July

Tuesday 5th July
Nursery Teddy Bears’ Picnic at Kensington Memorial Park

Wednesday 6
9:10am: Meeting for new Nursery parents
Year 1 Multi-skills Sports Festival
6:00-8:30pm: Parents’ Consultations

Thursday 7th July
9:10am: Meeting for new Reception parents
4:00-6:30pm: Parents’ Consultations

Friday 8th July
9:10am: Learning Celebration

Parent Partnership Team meeting

Thank you to the parents who were able to attend the Parent Partnership Team meeting this morning. We enjoyed hearing your feedback about our new e-safety policy and your views on your children’s safety and happiness at St. Joseph’s. These meetings are always very positive and constructive and we feel sure that the information that we received from the parents who attended this morning’s gathering will be used to inform other parents about keep their children safe on line.

Year 3 Holy Communion Mass

On Friday evening members of the St. Joseph’s community gathered together to celebrate Mass for our First Holy Communicants. Below are two accounts of the evening:

At 6 o’clock last Friday evening, Year 3 were preparing for their First Holy Communion Mass. Everybody was dressed in beautiful white dresses or very smart clothes. As we entered the classroom we were greeted with “Ooh’s” and “Aah’s” from our friends because we all looked so good. This took us to the actual Mass itself. We walked in procession into the hall. After calmly doing so, we divided onto benches. Then Father Jeff introduced the first hymn. There came the first reading, after which it was my turn to read the Responsorial Psalm. It is very nerve-racking reading to a large audience. Alessia and I led the Alleluia, which, naturally, was followed by the Gospel reading. As ever, the Homily came after the Gospel. The Homily is when the priest explains the Gospel meaning to everyone. The Bidding Prayers or the Prayers of the Faithful were read by Year 3 girls and boys. As soon as they were over, there was the Offertory and the Offertory hymn. Upon receiving the bread and wine, he blessed it and made it the Body and Blood of Christ. Then we had the Communion and its hymn. Father Jeff explained a lot of things to us and then we sang “Everyday God”. After that we had some fish and chips. - By Adele

Science Week

Last week was our annual Science Week. We asked some children for their reflections of the week:

  • ‘I learned that heat is one of the principles of science.’
  • ‘I learned that in the olden days they didn’t have watched so people had to use sun dials and use the sun’s shadow to tell the time.’
  • ‘I learned that if you add salt to water then eggs float in the water because the water has a higher density.’
  • ‘Did you know that drinking sugar free Ribena is worse for your teeth than normal Ribena because it has dyes in it?’
  • ‘I really enjoyed working wIth my mum and dad on my Science project.’
  • ‘Chemistry is the best form of Science because it is fun.’
  • ‘Everyone’s projects were amazing, I couldn’t wait to see who had won in my class.’
  • ‘I really enjoyed watching the Science experiments during Miss Dowling’s assembly.’

ICT News

Childnet International provides e-safety advice and information for parents carers. The guide has been created to answer questions parents have raised about devices that their children are using and to introduce some of the most popular devices. It highlights the safety tools available and aims to empower parents with the knowledge they need to support their children to use these technologies safely and responsibly.

Merit Winners

Reception - Raiden & Maya
Year 1 - Geraud & Roman
Year 2 - Sofia & Olivia
Year 3 - Odelia & Louis
Year 4 - Mike and Adam
Year 5 - Sonia
Year 6 - Anne Katharina

House Points

Class Attendance

Congratulations to 2V and Year 3 on their excellent attendance this week and to Classes 1N and Year 4 for their outstanding punctuality.