Head's Newsletter

A message from Mrs. Fleming

Congratulations to all our Year 6 pupils who completed that SATS last week and good luck to our Year 2 children who are going through the same process this week and next. I have no doubt that, with the support that our children receive both at school and at home, that all our pupils will show their true abilities.

Of course, there are many other ways that our children show their talents and every day they share these with one another and the staff at school. It is a joy to see the children working alongside one another, laughing together and sharing their learning. Not only are they preparing for their futures but also making memories that will stay with them many years after they leave our school.

Upcoming Events

16th-20th May: Year 2 SATS

Monday 16th May
2:30pm Year 1 Mass (in 1B classroom)

Thursday 12th May
9:10am: 1B Assembly

Friday 20th May
Year 4 to Ripley’s Believe it or Not Museum
9:10am: Learning Celebration

23rd-27th May: Year 2 SATS

Wednesday 25th May
Reception trip to Queen’s Park
6:00pm: Year 5 secondary Transfer meeting

Thursday 19th May
9:10am: 1B Assembly

Friday 27th May
Year 4, 5 & 6 trip to Brompton Cemetery
9:10am: Learning Celebration

Year 5 Secondary Transfer meeting

There will be a meeting for all Year 5 parents to discuss secondary transfer on Wednesday 25th May at 6:00pm. The process of applying to secondary schools will be discussed and parents will have the opportunity to ask questions about applying for state secondary schools in London. We look forward to seeing many of you ate the meeting.

Punctuality Week

Every moment of the children’s time in school is planned for to ensure that they have the very best opportunities to achieve their potential. When they arrive in their classrooms each morning there is work waiting for them to complete which reinforces their previous learning or prepares them for the learning that they have ahead of them.

We are going to have a focus on punctuality this week. Any parents bringing their child to school after 9:00am will be required to complete a document about the reasons for lateness which will be analysed and used to inform future school planning.

Year 3’s Pentecost Assembly

On Thursday, Year 3 led us in a beautiful assembly about Pentecost. They started the reflection with some quiet music and on the PowerPoint presentation it said, ‘Welcome to Year 3’s assembly about Pentecost.’ The children started by pointing out some of the important and special objects on the prayer table and after that they read a reading from the Acts of the Apostles Chapter 2 verses 9-43 about the first ever Pentecost. Then Year 3 pointed out some key words to us all: knowledge, understanding, counsel, reverence, wisdom, awe and wonder. These are the Gifts of the Holy Spirit.

Year 3 then showed us some pictures on the PowerPoint as they led us in a reflection. Afterwards they led us in prayer and we all said the ‘Hail Holy Queen’. The assembly finished with the hymn ‘Colours of Day’ and the children saying thank you in the different languages that they speak at home. It was a lovely way to start the day.

Written by Alfred, Peter, Sian & Alex (Year 5 Peace and Justice Committee members)

Thank You

To Thomas in Year 1 and his Grandma who had a sale of household items and raised £21 for play equipment in the Reception and Nursery outdoor area.

ICT News

The BBC site WebWise is a useful site that offers advice on digital skills, internet security and provides information about social networks and blogs.

Merit Winners

Reception - Alexander & Christian

Year 1 - Hunter & Gianluca

Year 2 - Caterina & Nikolai

Year 3 - Harry

Year 4 - Daniel & Elena

Year 5 - Rashae

Year 6 - Maika Lucia

House Points

Class Attendance

Congratulations to RB and 1B and Year 6 on their excellent attendance this week and to Classes RG, 2V and Year 6 for their outstanding punctuality.