Head's Newsletter

A message from Mrs. Fleming

The sun is shining and the temperature is soaring –traditionally this beautiful weather arrives with SATS across the nation for Year 2 and Year 6 pupils. This week our Year 6 children are completing their Year 6 SATS papers. During their years at St. Joseph’s they have experienced many different opportunities and learned so much. They have developed their curiosity and creativity, learned how to problem solve and work collaboratively and developed their communication and teamwork skills. Even more importantly than these attributes, the children have learned to follow Jesus’ example and to treat others as they would like to be treated. Whatever our Year 6 pupils’ scores are at the end of the SATS process, and we feel sure that they will be just as high as in previous years, we are truly proud of them and all that they have learned and achieved during their time with us at St. Joseph’s.

Upcoming Events

9th-12th May: Year 6 Breakfast Club & SATS Week

Monday 9th May
2:00pm Year 4 Library visit
2:30pm Year 3 Mass (in their classroom)

Wednesday 11th May
Afternoon: Year 3 & 4 Computer Coding Workshops

Thursday 12th May
9:10am: Year 3 Assembly
2:30pm Year 2 Mass (in their classroom)

Friday 13th May
9:10am: Learning Celebration
10:00am: Year 6 to Regents Park

16th-20th May: Year 2 SATS

Monday 16th May
2:30pm Year 1 Mass (in 1B classroom)

Thursday 12th May
9:30am: 1B Assembly

Friday 20th May
Year 4 to Ripley’s ** Museum
9:10am: Learning Celebration

SJSA Meeting

Thank you to those of you who were able to attend the SJSA meeting last week. We discussed the plans for 2016-17 and there are many events to look forward to. Don’t forget that as parents and friends of the school you are all part of the SJSA and very welcome to attend the meetings and maybe even become more involved in the organisation of events. The SJSA plays an integral role in making St. Joseph’s the special community that it is – providing opportunities for parents to socialise and to raise much needed funds for the school.

Next event: Summer Fair – Saturday 2nd July 12:00pm – 4:00pm

Punctuality Week

Every moment of the children’s time in school is planned for to ensure that they have the very best opportunities to achieve their potential. When they arrive in their classrooms each morning there is work waiting for them to complete which reinforces their previous learning or prepares them for the learning that they have ahead of them.

We are going to have a focus on punctuality in the week beginning Monday 16th May. Any parents bringing their child to school after 9:00am will be required to complete a document about the reasons for lateness which will be analysed and used to inform future school planning.

Assessment without Levels

Following questions from parents about the new National Curriculum and assessment procedures there will be an information session for parents on Wednesday 8th June at 7:00pm with Steve Marshall, a primary education consultant, who works for the Barnet Local Education Authority. During the meeting he will outline the changes in the information that parents receive about their children’s learning and how this information can be used to support children at home. We hope to see many of you there as we are sure that you will find the session informative and helpful.

We are a Healthy School

Please remember that as a Healthy School we strive to teach the children how to keep themselves healthy and maintain healthy lifestyles. For this reason crisps are not allowed as a break-time snack or at lunchtime. Sweets and chocolates are also not permitted in packed lunches.

Also, please remember that we are a NUT FREE SCHOOL.

ICT News

Internet Matters has lots of useful information for parents regarding e-safety issues.

Merit Winners

Reception - Anna & Alexander

Year 1 - Allegra & Amaia

Year 2 - Sofia & Isaure

Year 3 - Kalen & Alessia

Year 4 - Alexia

Year 5 - Paddy

Year 6 - Arthur

House Points

Class Attendance

Congratulations to 1B and Year 6 on their excellent attendance this week and to Classes RB and 2V for their outstanding punctuality.