Head's Newsletter

We are looking forward to seeing many of you tomorrow evening at the School Auction. There are some very tempting items on offer and it is going to be lots of fun watching and taking part in the bidding for each promise. There has been so much work going on behind the scenes and we are very grateful to everyone who has given so generously of their time and talents or given items to make this year’s event a success.

Each year group has produced a stunning piece of art and we hope that you enjoy looking for your child’s input and maybe even that you put in a bid for the picture.

Now that our new website has been launched each year group’s news will be uploaded onto their year group blog and we hope that you continue to enjoy reading their news and celebrating your children’s learning.

Next Week’s Events

Saturday 19th March
6:45pm: School Auction Doors Open,
7:30pm: School Auction starts promptly
Monday 21st March
9:30am: Year 3 Palm Sunday Liturgy
Afternoon: Young Shakespeare Company performing for Years 5 & 6
2:30pm: Year 4 library visit

Tuesday 22nd March
9:30am: Year 4 Maundy Thursday Liturgy
2:30pm: EYFS and KS1 Easter Bonnet Parade
Wednesday 23rd March
9:30am: Year 5 Good Friday Liturgy
10:00am: Class RG library visit
2:30pm: FS1 library visit
2:30pm: KS2 Easter Bonnet Parade
Thursday24th March
9:30am: Year 6 Easter Sunday Liturgy
1:30pm: End of term
Tuesday 12th April
Children return to school

Merit Winners

Reception - Elena & Jean
Year 1 - Vivian & Ruby
Year 2 - Caterina & Sofia
Year 3 - Adele
Year 4 - Lily
Year 5 - Mikey & Mattias
Year 6 - Johnny & Jayda

House Points

Class Attendance

Congratulations to Class 1B for the highest attendance score this week. Congratulations to Classes Nursery RG, 1B,2V and year 4 on their excellent punctuality this week.

Website of the Week

Help for parents on supporting their child with online peer pressure. This is advice from Parent zone. The ‘What to do’ section might provide some useful questions for parents to use to talk to their child.