Head's Newsletter

Our new look website has been launched!

We have been working hard on our school website for months and we are delighted that it is now live. The Parent Partnership Team provided us with valuable feedback about what they would find useful on the site and we have included all of their suggestions. There is also some statutory information that the school is required to include and we hope that this will also help you to know more about our school.

Visitors to the site click can click on drop down menus to find the information that they require and we are very excited about the year group pages and each year group’s blog. We are hoping to be adding some more photos for you all to see and will be moving some elements of the website around but hope that you all enjoy using it. Your feedback would be most welcome and can be sent to office@stjosephsschool.org.uk.

Enjoy your weekend.

SJSA Auction

Thank you so much for the many donations that everyone has given to the school for the auction night. We are also incredibly appreciative to the many parents who have already given so generously of their time in the lead up to the auction. We are truly grateful to everyone and it promises to be a wonderful evening.

One more request though ... please don’t forget to email stjosephsfood@gmail.com with the food plate you will be bringing on the night. We are in need of Main Dishes, please. Thank you so much!!

Be sure to check the minutes from the most recent SJSA meeting on their blog.

Next Week's Events

Friday 18th March
St. Joseph’s Feast Day – own clothes day and bring a £1 donation forCAFOD
Learning Celebration (9:10am)

Saturday 19th March
SJSA Auction (6:45pm – 1:00am)

Advance Warning!!!
Easter bonnet Parade Dates
Tuesday 22nd March: EYFS – KS1 (2:30pm)
Wednesday 23rd March: KS2 (2:30pm)

Monday 14th March
Reception height and weight checks
EYFS Parent’s Consultations

Tuesday 15th March
Year 5 Gym display

Wednesday 16th March
Key Stage 2 Photography assembly
Year 6 Open Afternoon (2:45pm)
EYFS Parent’s Consultations

Thursday 17th March
Year 1 Assembly (9:10am)
Year 4 Open Afternoon (2:45pm)

Book Character Winners

Nursery - Kirsten & Nicholas
Reception - Victorien & Atticus
Year 1 - Oscar & Gian-Luca
Year 2 - Chloe & Nikolai
Year 3 - John & Lydia
Year 4 - Elena & Luka
Year 5 - Alix and Celeste
Year 6 - Sam & Edoardo

Class Attendance

Congratulations to Class 2V for the highest attendance score this week. Congratulations to Classes RB, 1N and 2M on their excellent punctuality this week.

House Points

Website of the Week

Minecraft is increasingly popular. This advice comes from the O2 & NSPCC Online Safety Helpline. So if you don’t know your creepers from your grief­ers, here is a chance to find out!

Double Reed & Lower Brass Lessons at Saturday Music School

Double Reed and Lower Brass lessons are now available at our Saturday Music Centre at St Marylebone school! Lesson places are on offer for oboe & bassoon (suitable for children in years 3-7) and trombone & tuba (suitable for children in years 5, 6, and 7).

Please visit our website for more information and to sign up, or email info@triboroughmusichub.org.