Year 2 News

This week, we have been immersing ourselves in the Lighthouse Keeper's lunch and creating our story maps for the misadventures of Mr and Mrs Grinling. Next week, we will be innovating the story, adding our own subtle vocabulary changes but also thinking of our own solution to defeat the scavenging seagulls. In Mathematics, we have really enjoyed learning about Time - making clocks, working out an hour later and dividing our day into blocks of time. Some of us are very early risers! Next week, we will be partitioning a 2-digit and a 3-digit number in order to calculate addition questions. We will also be adding multiples of 10.

On Tuesday 23rd of February, KS2 were dazzled and excited by Keeper of the Realms author - Marcus Alexander. With tales of adventure, travels in far-flung places and also a catalogue of extreme sports including Snow-Boarding and Sand-Boarding, we were awestruck by this dynamic author. Showcasing his creation - Charlie Keeper - a female protagonist who is more than a match for any villain - Marcus also provided imaginative and creative workshops for Years 3-6, many of whom felt inspired to create their own inhabitant of Bellania, the parallel world depicted in the Keeper of the Realms series. Many thanks to all the parents who supported the event so warmly and to Tales on Moon Lane for their help in securing such an entertaining author.