Year 2 News

It has been a most remarkable week in Year 2 especially for Religious Education. We proudly shared our learning with the Religious Education Inspectors and demonstrated how we live out the Gospel values with Christ at the centre in all we are and do in life.

In Mathematics we have been reading Tally Charts and plotting information on Pictograms. We have also been reading scales where one can represent two. Amazingly the children in Year 2 have achieved at least 10 Silver Mathletics certificates since the beginning of this academic year. Well done! Thank you to all the parents for your support in this endeavour.

Next week we will continue with multiples of 2(doubling) as well as halving. We will be making links between English and Science with our Healthy Eating topic. Last but not least, please help your child to practise their lines for the KS1 Nativity play.

Thank you and God Bless!