Attendance 2016/17:  96.2%

We are proud of our higher than average attendance percentage and work hard with parents and children to maintain this high level of pupil attendance. Children’s absences are authorised if they are sick or there are other extenuating circumstances however, absences so that children can go on holiday are unauthorised. For further information please see the school’s Attendance Policy.

The school gate opens at 8:40am and children can go into class at 8:50am where they will be able to complete early morning activities which reinforce the previous day’s learning or help them to prepare for the lessons of the day. All children must be in school by 9:00am when the school gate is locked. If they arrive later than 9:00am children need to be taken round to the front entrance of the school. In these rare instances children will be marked as ‘late’ in the school register.