Head's Newsletter

Dear Pupils, Parent, Staff, and Governors,

We have had a fantastic maths week this week and the children have really enjoyed solving problems and puzzles.  All of the classes had a session with the Puzzle Company and got their grey matter working hard!

Year 5 and 6 Sporthall Athletics

We had a great time at Sportshall athletics. Overall we came first with 326 points. In field events we all did a brilliant job. Brandon, Lewis and Louis did an outstanding job in Javelin, throwing over a massive 15 meters. The girls Emma, Ingrid and Lara did just as well throwing over 13 meters. While Noa, Sol and Harry competed in speed bounce and scored points off the charts!! The girls also did an amazing job. Elena, Lulu, Melissa, Kalen, Ingrid, Sybil, Olivia, Odelia, Gabriella and Lara competed in the track events and came first overall. I feel a lot of the credit goes to Coach Grant for pushing all of us including myself. The parents are also the ones to thank for making our lunch and joining us on the day. We all deserve a pat on the back.
Reported by Cosmo (Y6)

Can parents please note that there is no parking on the yellow zig zag lines outside the school gates either before or after school.  Parking here is a hazard and is a danger for our children.

The website CEOP has some very useful information about online safety and ideas for parents to initiate discussion with children regarding keeping safe on line.  This video is aimed at 5-7 year olds, and introduces young children to the idea of strangers online and how to stay safe:

The Government is making a critical decision on whether to overturn the admissions cap which prevents some schools from allowing all Catholic pupils to attend Catholic schools. By her own admission, the Secretary of State has said the rule has been ineffective and adversely affects Catholic families.

By forcing Catholic schools to turn away Catholic school children on the basis of their faith, the very principle of a Catholic parent’s right to choose a Catholic education is under threat. Please contact the education secretary to safeguard the future of Catholic education:

Mrs K Husain
Head teacher




Monday 22nd
Weight checks Reception (Nurse)

Wednesday 24th
Parent Partnership meeting 9am- hall
Sportshall Athletics 10 – 2pm Jubilee Sports centre (Y3/Y4 teams)
Blue 3 out – Welsh Harp

Thursday 25th
Blue 1 out – Welsh Harp

Friday 26th
Blue 2 out – Welsh Harp


Rec B1 - Tommy & Mark
Rec B2 - Matilde
Pink 1 - Pato
Pink 2 - Alexander
Pink 3 - Nancy
Blue 1 - Gianluca
Blue 2 - Sofia
Blue 3 - Chloe
Violet 1 - Oliwia
Violet 2 - Lulu


Mathematician of the Week

Rec B1 - Alessandra
Rec B2 - Emily Rose
Pink 1 - Suri
Pink 2 - Guillaume
Pink 3 - Jean
Blue 1 - Thomas
Blue 2 - Antonio
Blue 3 - Amalia
Violet 1 - Max
Violet 2 - Emma


Pink Class News

This week we have looked at different stories in the bible and decided whether they are from the Old Testament or the New Testament. We also focussed on one story - Jesus in the Temple - and retold the story.

In English we have continued to study the Traction Man books by Mini Grey. We have started to write our own adventure stories for Traction Man.

We have had an exciting maths week as we have been completing a variety of maths puzzles and challenges. We have shown resilience and perseverance when trying to complete the puzzles.

We wish you a restful weekend,
The Pink Team

Violet Class News

Puzzles and problem solving were the overarching themes this week in the Violet classes. Violet 1 and 2 were fortunate enough to partake in a maths workshop. During the workshop, the students became accomplished problem solvers as they worked in small groups of their peers to complete various tasks that increased in difficulty as they moved along.

On Wednesday, a group of students from year 5 and 6 represented St Joseph’s at the Indoor Sports Hall Athletics competition, in which they came first place! The students who attended were excellent and enthusiastic sports people and should be commended for their exemplary behaviour.

Violet 2 have been exploring the Mayan culture and even had the opportunity to create a traditional headdress. Violet 1 completed their investigations into West African folk tales, they look forward to presenting their findings at assembly next Thursday!

Nursery News

The Nursery class has been very busy this week. Our current focus has been of high interest for the children The 'fire station' in our quiet room has been buzzing with firefighters role play. Take a second to look at the wonderful display of their fire trucks and thoughts on how firefighters help us!

We have had many exciting activities over the week to help the children consolidate their knowledge on how people help us in our community.

This week has been Maths Puzzle Week throughout the school. We have a wonderful selection of large floor puzzles which the children have enjoyed working together on. It was exciting to see them working as a team to complete the puzzles and to see the joy they displayed at their successes. We also played 'Snakes and Hoses' each day. For many they hadn't played a board game before and the introduction of a dice was an interesting observation for us. If you have any large floor puzzles you no longer want we would welcome them warmly. Thank you.

Phonics Play - This week we experienced and developed an awareness of sound made with instruments and music. The children played games where they had to listen and identify the instrument making the sound, associating the sounds that different animals make and matching instrument sounds to the animals and using instruments and scarves in different ways to tell one of our favourite stories 'The Gruffolo'.

Next week we are moving onto how Doctors and Nurses help us. We  have one of our parents coming in to talk to the children on Wednesday.

Thank you to our parent helpers that have been in to read and bake with the children. This is an important part of our programme and the children enjoy you coming in. There are still some spaces available so sign up.

Enjoy your weekend,
The Nursery Team

Blue Class News

The Blue classes have most enjoyed taking part in the whole school Puzzle week. Although the tasks they have been given were quite challenging, the children have worked well both individually and in groups to find a solution.

On Tuesday, The Problem Solving Company paid us a visit. Year 4 had to recreate Lego structures in groups, which required them to work as a team and think carefully about the instructions they needed to give their team mates. Year 3 had the challenge of arranging a series of 2 and 3D to complete their task. Much fun was had by all.

In Science, all classes continued work on the digestive system. We looked carefully at all of the body parts involved and how they aid in digestion. Next week we will be looking at teeth both in humans and animals.

Wishing you all a lovely weekend!

Reception News

Our new sounds this week were 'igh' and 'or'.

This week we celebrated maths week. We had a lovely puzzle workshop and the children really enjoyed working together to complete the challenges. We have been looking at addition and subtraction, please do ask your child to show you what they've learned.

The school nurse came to visit and explained to us how we should wash our hands to keep ourselves healthy. It was really interesting and we learned a lot.

Have a lovely weekend

Reception News

We have been very busy this first full week back in Reception! We have started with new digraphs in phonics: 'ay' as in play, 'ee' as in see, 'oo' as in zoo, and 'nk' as in think. We will continue to review all other sounds throughout the term. As we make the transittion into more independent reading this term, please do review sounds with your child at home. We've attached the link for phonics play, a great resource for phonics games at home!

In mathematics we have continued working on addition and have begun looking at measurement. Please do contiue to review numbers at home with your child; the more comfortable they are with numbers and counting, the easier it will be for them to apply more difficult concepts.

We have had lots of visitors this week to start of our people who help us topic! On Wednesday we had Drama4all come in to do a space themed workshop with us. The children were fatastic participants and we imagined what it would be like to float on the moon! On Thursday, Paddington Fire Station came to school. We had some really good questions for them, and we learned all about what it is like to be a firefighter! We are looking forward to our visitors next week! As on the website, If you have a skill or profession you would like to share do come forward as we would love to have you share in the classroom.

Head's Newsletter

Dear Pupils, Parent, Staff, and Governors,

We are now well into the Spring Term and the children have settled back into school routines very quickly.  After walking around all of the classrooms yesterday, I was delighted to see the work and the effort that the staff and children have been making to create stimulating, inviting and interesting learning environments.  There is a wonderful selection of children's work on show which together with visually stimulating or tactile displays, combine to create an engaging and enriching learning space.

Next week, we are very pleased to be celebrating all things mathematical with our annual Maths Week.  The children will be working with the Puzzle Company to solve problems and think strategically.

This week in school the children have been thinking about the British value of ‘The Rule of Law’ and discussing why rules are important and necessary and what responsibilities come with being a law maker and a law abider!

Our next Parent Partnership meeting will be on Wednesday 24th January at 9am and we will be discussing the new Behaviour Policy that staff have been working on over the last couple of months. The emphasis of the new policy is to reward and model good behaviour and to follow the teachings of Jesus and be guided by the school Mission Statement.  All are welcome to attend.

If you are worried about a child from a Safeguarding point of view, please remember that the schools Safeguarding Designated Lead is Mrs Husain and that the deputy Safeguarding Designated Lead is Mrs Viana.  We are always available to speak to you, or to the children, about any concerns that you may have regarding a child.

Year 6 had a very useful and informative visit to the Transport Museum on Tuesday as part of the Junior Citizen programme.  This helps the year 6 children prepare for their next stage of education and gives then the opportunity to think about different scenarios that they may find themselves in while travelling to and from school and in new situations.

Mrs K Husain
Head teacher



Monday 15th
Maths week begins

Wednesday 17th
Sportshall Athletics 10 – 2pm Jubilee Sports centre (Y5/Y6 teams)

Friday 19th
School nurse visiting Rec – Hand Hygiene workshop

Monday 22nd
Weight checks Reception (Nurse)

Wednesday 24th
Parent Partnership meeting 9am- hall
Sportshall Athletics 10 – 2pm Jubilee Sports centre (Y3/Y4 teams)


Rec B1 - Adam
Rec B2 - James
Pink 1 - Kina
Pink 2 - Lukas
Pink 3 - Eva
Blue 1 - Raffa
Blue 2 - Roman
Blue 3 - Michael
Violet 1 - Nina
Violet 2 - Noa

Writer of the Week

Rec B1 - Chloe
Rec B2 - Hector
Pink 1 - Jordan
Pink 2 - Sarah
Pink 3 - Andrea
Blue 1 - Allegra
Blue 2 - Olivia
Blue 3 - Lorenzo
Violet 1 - Odelia
Violet 2 - Ingrid


Violet Class News

Violet 1 and 2 have had a brilliant first week back!

Violet 1 has worked hard this week. In Maths the children were rounding numbers up to 100,000, which really got our brains thinking. We started our new English topic West African Folk Tales! Next week we are looking forward to problem solving in Maths week.

Violet 2 thoroughly enjoyed their trip to the Transport Museum on Tuesday, we learnt how to be safe on public transport, how to be safe around dogs and how to cross the road between parked cars because London is so busy! It's been all about coordinates in Maths, plotting shapes, transitioning them and redrawing them in mirror lines! In English we have been focused on finishing our play scripts.

Nursery News

It has been lovely to see the children have settled back into Nursery happy, full of excitement and enjoying seeing their friends again.

We have had a busy week with the start of our new topic 'People Who Help Us' We have had many discussions on who help us at school. There are lots of important people at school and the children discovered who they are  and what their jobs were, and how they all help to make school a happy learning environment.

We introduced our phonics programme this week and the children love their' listening ears' headbands and the activities we have been doing. We have been on listening walks identifying different sounds both indoors and outdoors. Introduced new circle games and songs that all help establish good listening skills and awareness of sounds that leads into sound letter recognition.

The home learning packs have been well received and many of the  children are enjoying taking these home. Please fill out a home learning observation form.

We have planted our bulbs on time this year ready for summer. The children really enjoyed working out in the garden and take great pleasure looking after our plants and making the playground a lovely 'green' area.

Thursday we had a visit from Paddington Fire station. The children loved climbing aboard the engine and seeing up close all the different equipment on the engine. This leads onto next week focusing on how the fire fighters help us.

We hope you have a fun weekend
The Nursery Tea