Head's Newsletter

Dear Pupils, Parent, Staff, and Governors,

Tomorrow evening is the much anticipated school auction. Everybody is welcome.  Doors open at 6:45.  We encourage you to arrive at 6:45 and help yourself to the buffet as we would  like the auction to begin at 7:30pm.  We look forward to seeing you.

This term children across the school have been on lots of trips and outings which we know enriches their learning by giving it context and relevance.  Children’s enjoyment of school has increased as has their understanding of the wider world. Outings and visitors this term have included: Micki Garvey Book Making, Faustin Charles – author, Tate Modern, Dance Workshop, Cate Douglas - author, Story Planning Workshop with Tracey Potter, Welsh Harp Outdoor learning centre, Anglo Saxons Workshop, Felt making workshop, Weekly Cricket lessons with MCC, The Tower of London, Paddington Fire station, St Paul’s Cathedral, Space drama workshop.  
Thank you to the many parents who have helped facilitate these visits.

This week Jarvis will be going home with Alexia in year 6 for her effort in Maths, she has improved so much! She is always kind to others, always asking to do jobs or help and is just a sweet and delightful member of the class.  Well done.

It is the duty of parents to ensure that children attend school regularly and punctually. This encourages habits of good timekeeping and lessens any possible classroom disruption. The school gates open at 8.40 am and the registers close at 9.00 am. If a child arrives at school after 9.00 am this will affect their attendance rate because they will be marked as absent at registration.


Have a lovely weekend and may god bless you and your families and keep you safe.

Mrs K Husain
Head teacher  


Monday 26th
Holy week begins
Year 3 Palm Sunday reflection (9:15am hall)

Tuesday 27th
Year 4 Last Supper reflection (9:15am hall)
2:45 KS1 and Early Years Easter Bonnet Parade

Wednesday 28th
Year 5 Crucifixion reflection (9:15am hall)
2:45 KS2 Easter Bonnet Parade

Thursday 29th
Year 6 Holy Week reflection (9:15am hall)
End of Spring Term @ 1:30pm

Science Award

Nursery - Anais
Rec B1 - Georges
Rec B2 - Theodora
Pink 1 - Matias
Pink 2 - Maelys
Pink 3 - Andrea
Blue 1 - Joshua
Blue 2 - Isabella
Blue 3 - Nancy
Violet 1 - Filippo
Violet 2 - Ingrid


Rec B1 - Alessandra
Rec B2 - Tristan
Pink 1 - Alba
Pink 2 - Roza
Pink 3 - Maya
Blue 1 - Leo
Blue 2 - Antonio
Blue 3 - Mila
Violet 1 - Riccardo
Violet 2 - Daniel


Writer of the Week

Rec B1 - Mylo
Rec B2 - Hector
Pink 1 - Edith
Pink 2 - Francis
Pink 3 - Alexander
Blue 1 - Alexs
Blue 2 - Isaure
Blue 3 - Anita
Violet 1 - Alexis
Violet 2 - Sybil


Reception News

We have had another busy week here in Reception! We have continued looking at time. The children have gotten very good at reading "o'clock" and have even been able to identify half past! The children have put together a lovely display featuring the different times they do activities. Do carry on looking at time together at home, BBC numbertime has a lovely series on time!

We have also been looking at the story of Goldilocks and the Three Bears. We've had such fun acting out the story and making wanted posters. On Friday we used porridge oats to make flapjacks! We wrote out recipes and shopping lists for the ingredient lists.

It was British Science Week and the children made posters about living things. Miss Dowling judged them and while they were all very good, Geroges and Theodora were the recipients of the prize. Well done too all!

Please remember that next week we will have the Easter Bonnet Parade on Tuesday in the afternoon. All are welcome to attend! We would also like to ask if you can send in a £1 for our Easter fun afternoon next week. Please remember that Thursday is the last day of term, school will be finishing at 1:30.

We hope to see many of you at the Auction on Saturday, otherwise have a lovely weekend!

The Reception Team

Nursery News

This week we continued to look at favourite traditional tales.

The children have really enjoyed acting out the 'Three Little Pigs' story. It has been wonderful to see how confident they are to stand up in front of their peers and perform. Like all good performances they received hearty applause as our show of appreciation.

Our beans have grown so well and it was time for them to be put outside. We have planted them on tubs outside on our decking  and will continue to observe their growth. We also planted our sunflowers ready for the summer term when we start of 'Living Things' focus.

We made our Easter cards this week for our families which they will bring home next week. We continued to talk about Easter at circle times and reading of books.

Thank you for coming to our Open Days and was fantastic to see so many adults. The children are very proud of their work and like to show it to their families.

Here's hoping the sunshine continues and you all have a great weekend.

See you at the Auction for a night of fun.

Pink Class News

It was Pink Two’s class assembly this week. They retold the story of Katie Morag and he Tiresome Ted - they were brilliant! In RE we have started to focus on Holy Week and have been thinking about the events on Palm Sunday.

It has been science week and the theme is Living Things. The Pink classes have been designing posters linked with living things and the winners were announced today. We have had great fun in maths as we have been doing a lot of practical work because our topic is capacity. We have had fun measuring using standard and non-standard units.

We hope you have a relaxing weekend.

The Pink Team

Violet Class News

Six wives, palaces and an impossible maze! The violet classes had a fun filled and busy week. On Tuesday we were lucky enough to explore one of King Henry’s favourite palaces – Hampton Court Palace. We roamed in the vast gardens and took a step back in time as we wandered through his kitchens. What an unforgettable day!

This week has also comprised of a lot of English comprehension and Maths revision work for Violet 1 and 2. Violet 1 worked with decimals while Violet 2 focused on ration and proportion. In preparation for next week, both classes continue to rehearse for their Lenten services. The classes are to be commended for their reverence and respect during these rehearsals.

Blue Class News

The standard of Science week projects across the school has been particularly impressive this week. Needless to say, finding one winner in each class has been a difficult job. Congratulations to every child (and parent behind the scenes) who have made this such a successful and educational experience. In other lessons across the blue classes we have: created wild and wonderful versions of The Princess and the Pea, examined the differences between the three states of matter and subtracted using the expanded method.

Next week, we all look forward to the highly colourful Easter bonnet parade. It's always such a fun afternoon and an opportunity for the children to show off their catwalk skills!

Lastly, it was great to see so many parents visit and share the lovely work that the children have been doing so far this year. Thank you!

Head's Newsletter

Dear Pupils, Parent, Staff, and Governors,

As you know, the auction is next Saturday 24th March.  Thank you to everyone who has already donated promises.  The St Joseph’s ‘Pop Up Shop’ will be open from Monday, in the Sharpe Suite, at the following times:

8:30am - 11:30am
3:00pm - 8:30pm

8:30am - 11:30am
3:00pm - 6:00pm

8:30am - 11:30am
3:00pm - 6:00pm

8:30am - 11:30am
3:00pm - 8:30pm

Please remember that these are the only times that you will be able to purchase things from the Pop Up Shop (cash and cheque only) and it will not be open on the night of the auction.  

Many thanks to the parents who put themselves forward to be Parent Governors and also to all of the families that took time to vote.  The strong turnout in voting and in standing for election goes to illustrate the commitment of all parents to the wellbeing of our school and the development of provision for all of the children.  Congratulations to Chelsea Bottomley and Mark Cramphorn who were both elected.  We wish them well in their tenure.

Belinda, our computing and internet safety consultant will be back in school on Tuesday 20th March at 2:30 -3:30 to speak to parents and then will give the same talk between 5-6pm. I really hope that as many of you can make it as internet safety is a huge issue that does affect everyone.  

We have been very lucky this week to have had 4 special visitors in school.  On Monday Special Constables Sophie and Maylene came to school to remind the children about the importance of uniform and looking smart. They also talked to us about good strangers and strangers that we shouldn’t talk to.  

On Tuesday, we were very privileged to have Glen Turner in school.  Glen was a very special guest as he has a rare visual impairment.  He spoke to key stage 2 very honestly about how this has affected him both now and when he was a child in school.  He was bullied at school and the other children didn’t understand him or his condition.  He spoke to the children about difference and the importance of recognising and embracing people who are not the same as us.  I think we were all very humbled by listening to Glen and we all learnt a great deal.  

On Thursday, we were visited by Bishop Nicholas Hudson, who will be celebrating mass at Our Lady’s over the weekend. Bishop Nicholas was very impressed by the children and their knowledge and understanding of their religion and the human flourishing that he saw in school. 

We recently asked you if you would use parentmail forms as a way of communicating with the school and the answer was a resounding YES.  With that in mind we will use parentmail to promote the summer after school club programme.  Clubs will be allocated on a first come first serve basis with priority being given to online bookings so it would probably be a good idea to download the parentmail app to your phone. You will be contacted shortly so keep a look out for the email

This week Jarvis will be going home with Alexander in Pink 2.  Alexander showed that he is very kind and looks after our visitors well. He is also willing to share his knowledge with others.  What a good role model! 


Have a lovely weekend and may god bless you and your families and keep you safe.

Mrs K Husain
Head teacher


Tuesday 20th
Year 5 & 6 visiting Hampton Court
Team from Y5 & Y6 football Camp – Redbridge Sports Centre
2:30-3:30pm Belinda Evans internet safety workshop for parents
5-6pm Belinda Evans internet safety workshop for parents

Wednesday 21st
School photographer (individual photographs)
Parents “Look & See” 3pm

Thursday 22nd
Team from Y5 & Y6 Hockey Camp – Crystal Palace
Year Pink 2 Assembly
Parents “Look & See” 3pm

Saturday 24th
School Auction

Monday 26th
Holy week begins
Year 3 Palm Sunday reflection (hall)

Tuesday 27th
Year 4 Last Supper reflection (hall)
2:45 KS1 and Early Years Easter Bonnet Parade

Wednesday 28th
Year 5 Crucifixion reflection (hall)
2:45 KS2 Easter Bonnet Parade

Thursday 29th
Year 6 Holy Week reflection (hall)
End of Spring Term @ 1:30pm


Rec B1 - Rocco
Rec B2 - Angela
Pink 1 - Antione
Pink 2 - Sarah
Pink 3 - Nancy
Blue 1 - Zac
Blue 2 - Isabella
Blue 3 - Emma
Violet 1 - Luka
Violet 2 - Lenard


Writer of the Week

Rec B1 - Lenny
Rec B2 - Luca
Pink 1 - Josh
Pink 2 - Darragh
Pink 3 - Tristan
Blue 1 - Marine
Blue 2 - Mila
Blue 3 - Gabriel
Violet 1 - Nina
Violet 2 - Elena


Nursery News

A fantastic week for Nursery. It was so good to have some sunshine and make the most of being outside. We played many large circle games and concentrated on our large motor skills when engaging in obstacle courses and the monkey bars.

The children had lots of fun exploring  this weeks story 'The Gingerbread Man' We looked at this story across many areas of our curriculum including screen printing, small world play, role play, maths, writing the story as a large group in our own words, and finishing on Friday baking and decorating our our gingerbread man.

Thank you for returning the portfolios. We appreciated the positive feedback we received and your filling out the questionnaires.  The books are always out for you to look at with your child.

In music this week acted out stories with scarves. The children are really enjoying these music sessions.

Our Nursery is looking very colourful with our stain glass crosses. We  worked towards recognising that  the Cross  is something special and that it helps us remember God's great love for us.

Have a wonderful weekend.

Blue Class News

This week we met with a variety of visitors at our school. On Monday we had a talk from some Community Support Officers, who discussed the importance of looking smart and taking pride in our appearance. They also explained what constitutes ‘good’ strangers and played out different scenarios.

On Monday, it was Year 3’s turn to attend a teaching Mass at Our Lady’s. Father Jeff taught the class when and how the bread and wine is transformed into the body and blood of Christ. Yesterday we also enjoyed a visit from Bishop Nicholas who visited our classrooms and took the time to ask us what we were doing to be our best selves during Lent.

All of the classes are enjoying our Natural Disasters topic.  There was the researching and making of volcano and earthquake posters, discovering what a TIV is and discussing the difference between typhoons and hurricanes.

Next week, we will be launching our new Plants topic in Science, and look forward to seeing your Science projects to celebrate British Science Week. We will also be looking at fairy tales with an emphasis on The Princess and the Pea.

Reception News

This week we have continued looking at time and the hands on a clock. The children have been showing us te different times of day they do certain activities, and many of them have been watching the clock and telling us the time when the hour changes!

We enjoyed the visit from the PSCO's on Monday, who talked to the children about how they should always look smart and tidy, especially when representing St. Josephs. We would like this opportunity to remind you all about the uniform, hair accessories in school colours, plimsolls or trainers that your child is able to do up themselves, and thermal shirts in neutral colours.

A date for your diary; On the second Tuesday next term (April 24th) we will be holing a parents meeting on how you can support your child in the final terms of their reception year. It will be held in the Reception classroom from 9 until about 9:30. We will be answering any questions you may have. Please do join us as it will be a very informative meeting.

As discussed at parents evening, it would be great if your children can share some thing from their lives outside of school. We would love fr them to share things with their friends. Please send in as much as you would like! Some examples are tickets from transportation, holiday or an event, a photo or map from a day out. Please don't make it an onerous task or send in items that are precious.

Have a lovely weekend!